Booking Conditions

In booking for a Dark Door event you are agreeing to these Booking Conditions

  • You must be aged 18 or over
  • Bookings will be accepted on a first come, first serve basis, with priority booking available to current Dark Door members
  • All Deposits are non-refundable and further cancellation fees also apply for late cancellations (see Booking and Preparing for a Game)
  • All game fees must be paid up by the day of the game; No Pay, No Play.
  • In booking you agree to abide by all safety and conduct guidelines (shown below).

    Safety and Conduct

    In the interest of running a safe and fun event please take a few moments to read and note the following. This is not an exhaustive list and you should use your common sense to ensure the game goes smoothly and without mishap.

  • Follow all the referees instructions.
  • Everyone has a responsibility to others taking part in the game and should show due care not to harm others or damage their property.
  • "Safe" latex weapons are only safe if used safely and responsibly. "Pull" you blows. Hits to faces, necks and heads are not allowed.
  • Players are advised to wear footwear suitable for outdoors.
  • We often use sites with open access to the public, or that may be near somebody's home. Respect their right to privacy and peace and quiet.
  • Respect the venue we are using. Report any mess or damage to the referee.
  • Everyone should help clean up at the end of the game.
  • Aggressive, abusive or violent behaviour towards anyone will not be tolerated
  • No guns above .22 calibre allowed
  • Keep guns away from peoples faces and ears - they will cause powder burns and permanent damage to hearing. Keep guns low (waist height) while near others and particularly while indoors.
  • All players must use ear protection.
  • Anyone recklessly ignoring these guidelines will be asked to leave the game and will not get a refund