Future Events

Events due in 2017 and beyond


  • The Black Goat
  • Within one of the last remnants of that great, ancient forest that once blanketed England squats the Black Goat Inn. A little off the beaten track, or any track for that matter, it is troubled infrequently by passing trade. Instead it provides a simple hospitality to the simple folk who eke a living from the land or from the forest itself.

    On wild nights, when the woods are shunned by all decent people, the Black Goat Inn is ablaze with light and life and the walls ring with songs long-forgotten in more civilised parts.

    Tonight is one such night and the locals have gathered to raise a tankard and their voices in a defiant refrain, a bulwark against the shadows that creep and steal amongst the dancing trees.

    But tonight the familiar jokes and arguments will go unspoken. Unbeknownst to the patrons, strangers are approaching the Black Goat, bringing with them their queer, modern ways. And, upon their heels follows something else, something altogether older and more dangerous.....

  • Date: Friday 30th June to Sunday 2nd July 2017
  • Refs: Lee and Jenny Wilkinson
  • Place: Surrey
  • Cost: £105
  • Bookings: ALL BOOKED OUT!
  • Unamed Game
  • Date: Friday 1st to Sunday 3rd December 2017
  • Refs: Peter Hardy and Richard Bird (We're back, baby!)
  • Place: London
  • Cost: TBC
  • Bookings: TBC
  • 2018

  • The Play's The Thing
  • The year is 1954: David Mellow has written a new play, and the word is it's his best yet. A select production and acting company are invited to the house, which is the source of his inspiration, to conduct a first rehearsal.

  • Date: 23rd/24th/25th February 2018
  • Ref: V.Brewster, G.Spencer
  • Place: Treowen
  • Cost: TBC
  • Bookings: TBC