The Call of the Five Fathom Bell

Braithwaite Hall lies empty once more, a victim of misfortune or something more sinister? Built in 1684 by the famous Corsair Captain Edward Braithwaite, known to his crew as the Bastard Buccaneer for his treatment of the Spanish, the hall has suffered a chequered history of mishap. From the beginning it was plagued by ill fortune - accidents were rife, and workers often had to be replaced due to injury, illness, strange diseases, or seemingly because they abandoned their work - but once complete the house appeared to be … normal.

After Captain Braithwaite’s death in 1701 the hall passed to his nephew Caudacus Braithwhaite who kept a small household and died childless in 1753, a bitter and troubled man. He was not missed. Over the years since the house has passed from person to person, sometimes sitting empty for years gathering dust and cobwebs before being suddenly bought by some brave soul, only to be sold again quickly for an oddly low price.

Countless tales are told about the hall and only the bravest or most desperate locals will visit the house, lured by vague tales of pirate treasure hidden within. The house is haunted, they say. A full moon opens a door to hell, some mutter. Pools of blood will follow you forever, everyone who enters is marked for death, the house itself hates the living, a crazed woman lives in the walls: All of these stories, every last one, are whispered by everyone in the village, from school children in the playground to hushed tones in the local pub on a dark and stormy night.

Yet all of them mention the Call of the Five Fathom Bell, a warning of tragedy and evil about to strike.

Date: 24th to 26th March 2017.

Cost: £150

Location: Featherstone


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